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    Congratulations to Ryan Seiko fasteners on the official website
    Posttime: 2019.11.20 From: Huafeng Views: 1357
    Guangfeng Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional consultant and product supplier focusing on stainless steel water pipe field in China. It has a strong professional consulting service and product supply capacity related to stainless steel water pipe. Its main products are R & D, production and sales of stainless steel water pipe and compression type pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, socket welding pipe fittings, drainage pipe fittings, etc. Headquartered in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, it has more than 60 production supporting equipment related to pipeline production lines and pipe fittings, on-line internal leveling and solution annealing technology, complete quality management system and perfect testing equipment, and the factory is equipped with equipment such as spectral analysis, metallographic inspection, intergranular corrosion, physical and chemical experiments, eddy current inspection, air tightness inspection, mechanical performance test, etc.

    Guangfeng stainless steel water pipe and compression type pipe fittings and their comprehensive solutions are widely used in many countries and regions in China. The brand reputation, quality stability and social responsibility are in the high-end position of the industry. It has been awarded the national high-tech enterprise, AAAA class standardized good behavior enterprise, Zhejiang contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, Zhejiang stainless steel water pipe professional product The company has dozens of invention and utility model patents, participated in the revision of national industry standards for many times, and Guangfeng Industry Co., Ltd. is a supplier of many famous brands and local mechanical products.

    Guangfeng industrial stainless steel products are strictly in accordance with Chinese GB, American ASTM, Japanese JIS, German DIN, EU DN and other standards, striving for perfection, being conscientious and responsible, paying more attention to the sustainable development of the enterprise and the environment, and committed to long-term cooperation with global customers and win-win integrity!

    Official website: www.www.vaystore.com welcome to consult.

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