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    What is the brand of stainless steel water pipe?
    Posttime: 2019.11.18 From: Huafeng Views: 1340
    There are many brands, such as jinlite, Jinkou, Ruijin, convex and so on, which are well-known first-line brands in China, especially the double card compression design of jinlite stainless steel pipe fittings, which is undoubtedly a competitive product at present, and Jinkous is also quite powerful. It is an early domestic enterprise that produces stainless steel water pipes.

    There are many materials for water supply pipes, according to different needs 1. Plastic pipe: PVC, UPVC, PPR, PPR stable plastic aluminum alloy, aluminum plastic pipe, glass tube, PE pipe, etc 2. Metal pipe: galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel lined plastic pipe, thin-walled stainless steel pipe, galvanized lined plastic pipe, copper pipe, cast iron pipe, etc. ###Stainless steel water pipe is still a good brand of Jinkou, with good quality and long service life. Stainless steel water pipe is a very good pipe for direct drinking water transportation. It has the characteristics of low leakage rate and can save valuable water. In the 1980s, the leakage rate of water pipes was about 17%, and the leakage rate dropped to 7% after using stainless steel pipes.

    In the earthquake, the water supply system was damaged, but the stainless steel water pipe system was intact. In addition, compared with the copper water pipe, the stainless steel water pipe has better water permeability.

    Huafeng Industrial Co., Ltd. will answer all kinds of knowledge about stainless steel water pipe for you in detail, welcome to pay attention.

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