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  • Guangfeng products
    Stainless steel water pipe Guangfeng reliable quality
    Guangfeng Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2019 with a registered capital of RMB 100.58 million, is headquartered at No. 12, Xingteng Road, Konggang new area, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing, sales and service of stainless steel pipes and fittings; The company mainly produces stainless steel thin-walled water pipes, clamping pressure series pipe fittings, ring pressure series pipe fittings, groove series pipe fittings, flanges and pipe fittings. Guangfeng industry has been widely recognized by all walks of life based on the business philosophy of "quality first and honesty first", and its continuous operating income has exceeded 100 million yuan!
    Guangfeng tube100 years of health
    Professional consultant in stainless steel water pipe field of Guangfeng pipe industry
    Testing equipment
    Spot stock
    Report real-time information and grasp industry trends
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    First, the water supply pipe leaks. You can check whether the rubber pad is aging and the screw is loose. You can close ...
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    The big advantage is economy and practicality. This is corrosion resistant with stainless steel materials. Once put into...
    Purchase water pipesQuality is the key
    Save time and money
    Food grade materials
    Adopt national standard 304, 316L original grade I steel strip
    Hazardous to health
    The self-made grade II material is hard, and the metal objects exceed the standard. Long term use will endanger your health
    Exquisite workmanship
    Stainless steel compression connection water pipe has been popularized in Germany for a hundred years
    Short service life
    The thickness is lower than the national standard thickness, the negative difference of outer diameter is large, and the tightness of the product is poor during crimping
    Ultrasonic cleaning
    After solid and melt treatment, the hardening and internal stress in production are eliminated
    Poor workmanship
    The hardness of insoluble pipe fittings is hard, and it is easy to cause weld cracks due to internal stress during crimping
    Insurance coverage
    All products are subject to 100% eddy current testing and air tightness testing to ensure a 100% factory pass rate
    Poor air tightness
    Weld trachoma, incomplete penetration of welding, easy to burst after long-term negative pressure operation
    Free after-sales service
    Free installation
    Assist in construction
    7x24 hours online